There are currently several different public processes that have a great potential to affect the way ocean management is conducted in Oregon. In order to keep the public informed about those processes and the schedule of important events, we are providing an easy to use calendar system. If interested in adding events to the calendar, please contact the website administrator at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Like any calendar system, this one has been created to post important events related to specific topics. The calendar functions on this website are broken up into calendars related to a specific process, marine reserves for example, and a comprehensive calendar that will show all of the different process related items, colored by topic.

To view a calendar up events related to a specific topic, just navigate to the top tab of interest and then choose the calendar item below. To view a calendar with all of the events related to ocean planning, then navigate to the home tab and select the calendar option under that tab. Useful features of the calendar include the ability to filter the content being displayed by topic, and the ability to export items from the calendar into an outlook or Gmail format.