Hooking Scientists In: Sharing Research Ideas

(Aug 20, 2015)

This week, over 1,000 scientists and fellow fish folks from all over the country are “schooling” together at the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society being held in Portland, Oregon. Attendees are sharing ideas and information on the management, conservation, and restoration of marine and freshwater fishes.

Representing the Marine Reserves Program, Jessica Watson is presenting her poster “Comparing the Performance of Three Sampling Tools for Assessing Fish Communities in Oregon’s Marine Reserves.” This is a study that compares our hook-and-line, video lander, and subtidal SCUBA surveys to evaluate each tool’s ability to collect data on fish. This study was conducted to help us refine our sampling tools for future monitoring, to ensure we’re collecting the best possible data.

Fish can be a challenge to study. Idea-swapping is an integral part of scientific research. By learning from others, scientists evolve and adapt research tools to produce the best possible data and information on fishes. We look forward to bringing back what we learn at this year’s American Fisheries Society meeting to help us in our continued evaluation and adaptation of research tools to best monitor Oregon’s marine reserves.


Welcome Onboard: New Member of the Marine Reserves Team

Welcome to Ashley Knight, who has joined our team as a Research Fellow. For the next six months she will be helping us with our ecological research, both in the field this fall and with data analysis. Before joining our team, Ashley was at California State University Monterey Bay where she worked on underwater video and dive surveys in California’s Marine Protected Areas. She was also a Naturalist and Undersea Specialist with National Geographic. Ashley has traveled to Alaska and Antarctica where she dove in waters as cold as 30 degrees. She brings experience in working with Marine Protected Areas as well as a sense of adventure.



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