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pdf Executive Order 08-07, Governor Kulongoski, March 26th, 2008 Popular

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pdf House Bill 3013 from 2009 Legislative Session Popular

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Marine Reserves bill for 2009 Legislative Session

pdf Letter to OPAC, Governor Kulongoski, January 29, 2009 Popular

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Governor Kulongoski's letter of response to the Ocean Policy Advisory Council recommendations on marine reserves.

pdf Letter to OPAC, Governor Kulongoski, March 26th, 2008 Popular

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pdf Letter to the Governor, OPAC, November 29, 2008 Popular

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In its November 29, 2008 letter to the Governor, the Ocean Policy Advisory Council recommended six distinct areas move forward for further consideration as potential sites for marine reserves.

pdf Marine Reserve Policy Recommendations, OPAC, August, 2008 Popular

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pdf Marine Reserves Background, July 2009 Popular

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FINAL MR process background.pdf

Marine Reserves Background, July 2009

pdf Marine Reserves FAQ on Specific Regulations Popular

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Marine Reserves FAQ with detailed coordinates and regulations for each reserve.

pdf ODFW Marine Reserves Program Overview Popular

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An overview of ODFW's marine reserves program including the program's responsibilities and efforts related to scientific monitoring, site management, outreach, and community engagement. (April 2014)

pdf OPAC I - Oregon and Marine Reserves - Report and Recommendations Popular

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pdf Purpose and Laws Governing Oregon's Marine Reserves Popular

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Overview of the state's purpose and the laws governing marine reserves. (March 2014)

pdf SB1510 from the 2012 Legislative Session Popular

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