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GPS Devices

default GPS File Format (2 KB) (GPX file .gpx) - used by most Garmin products

document File Format (1 KB) (.txt) Tab delimited - use other software to convert .txt file to your needed GPS file type

spreadsheet Microsoft Excel File Format (17 KB) (.xlsx) - printable one page with all coordinates for entry by hand

*** To ensure accuracy, after uploading to the GPS device, please check the coordinates against the Rules Summaries *** 


Mapping Programs

default Google Earth File (20 KB) (.kmz) - download and add to Google Earth "My Places"

default ArcGIS Layer Package (42 KB)  - polygon boundaries

Mobile Devices


This mobile app, developed by Great Outdoors Mobile Inc., covers all Marine Protected Areas of the United States and includes boundaries and regulations summaries for Oregon's marine reserves and Marine Protected Areas. For official Oregon rules, please refer to the pdf OARs (114 KB)

* This mobile app was not developed by or for ODFW

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Contact for Marine Reserves

ODFW is the lead on the Marine Reserves process.

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