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    1. Oceanographic data
    2. Dive surveys
    3. Benthic extractive surveys
    4. Urchin survey
    5. ROV surveys
    6. Hook & line surveys
    7. Video sled surveys
    8. Video lander surveys
    9. Comparison areas

Marine reserves in Oregon are to serve as reference areas for conducting ongoing research and monitoring of reserve condition, effectiveness, and the effects of natural and human-induced stressors. The information and data collected from monitoring is to be used to support adaptive management of marine reserve sites and nearshore resource management in general.

Two core components of ecological monitoring are separating natural changes in species and habitats from human-caused changes, and determining if marine reserves are effective in conserving certain species and habitats. To accomplish this, the marine reserve needs to be compared before and after protective measures are put in place, and with areas that do not have the marine reserve protections. 



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