Folder OAH Council

Documents related to Oregon's Coordinating Council on Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia.  


Folder Meeting 1/25/18

This folder contains the contents of the Council Member Informational Packet.


pdf 2. PCC Leadership Action Plan

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pdf 4. WCOAHSP OAH Monitoring Network

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pdf 5. OAH Monitoring Task Force 1pager c

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5_OAH Monitoring Task Force_1pager_c.pdf

pdf 7. OA Alliance Packet

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7_OA Alliance Packet.pdf

pdf 8. OA Alliance Action Toolkit and Overview

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8_OA Alliance_Action-Toolkit-and-Overview.pdf

pdf Commision Seat Announcement

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Press release_Commision Seat Announcement -OAH Coordination Council-final.pdf

pdf OAH Council Membership - 2018 Popular

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Members List_2018.pdf

pdf OCCOAH Conservation Rep Application

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OCCOAH call for apps_FINAL.pdf

pdf OCCOAH Shellfish Rep Position Announcement

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pdf Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia in Oregon

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Background information on ocean acidification and hypoxia in Oregon.

pdf OOAHC Council Application 10 2017_Fish

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OOAHC Council Application 10-2017_Fish.pdf

pdf OOAHC Council-Conservation Rep Application

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pdf OOAHC Shellfish Application

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OOAHC Council Application 11-2017_final_Shellfish.pdf