Learn More About OAH!


Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia (OAH) are major issues that are impacting the health of our oceans.

Here are additional resources to learn more about what OAH is and what you can do to help.


Movies and Podcasts


Dealing with Dead Zones - Hypoxia in the Ocean

A Podcast (included transcript) discussing hypoxia in the US, featuring guest speaker NOAA scientist Alan Lewitus. 

Length: 18 minutes

Date: 22 Feb 2018



Hypoxia - Dead Zone

Oregon State scientists Jack Barth and Francis Chan discuss research and the causes of dead zones and hypoxia.

Length: 4:33 minutes

Date: 2 Dec 2009



OA - Changing Waters On The Oregon Coast

A video by Oregon State, discussing ocean acidification and how much there is to learn. Featuring researchers from OSU and ODFW.

Length: 12:11 minutes

Date: 21 Jan 2016



OA - Part 2, Solutions

A continuation of the previous videos, looking at the solutions to ocean acidification.

Length: 10:38 minutes

Date: 4 Sep 2018



OA and Biodiversity Impacts

A cartoon video from the California Academy of Sciences on OA and biodiversity.

Length: 12:12 minutes

Date: 30 Jun 2014 🐟



  Interactive Learning Platforms  


Surface Ocean pH levels 

A simple simulation that has an adjustable slider where it shows the correlation between increased CO2 and changes in pH.

Length: NA

Date: NA



 Our Acidifying Ocean

Website that teaches about ocean acidification with interesting animations and graphics. Note: uses flash player.

Length: NA

Date: NA



Virtual Urchin

Welcome to Virtual Urchin Online interactive experimental and learning platform for OA.

Length: NA

Date: NA 🐡






   News and Journal Articles



Dead zones explained

National Geographic logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG An article by National Geographic describing dead zones, the causes and dangers.

Length: NA

Date: July 31, 2019



Dead zone 

The Story Behind the National Geographic Logo Design - GreyBox ... An article by National Geographic describing dead zones,  the causes and algal blooms.

Length: NA Date:

Jan. 21, 2011 🐳




   Animations and VR



Upwelling and Hypoxia

Animation that shows the process of upwelling and hypoxia.

Length: 0:54 minutes

Date: Sep 16, 2016



Diving into an Acidifying Ocean

Google animation which features the impacts of ocean acidification in an interesting animation style.

Length: NA

Date: June 2020



The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience

Ocean acidification simulation in virtual reality. Note: requires VR headset + proper hardware.

Length: NA

Date: Oct 17, 2016



Ocean Acidification - Saturation State

Animation and data set showing time-lapse images of the globe.

Length: NA

Date: NA



Ocean Acidification - Surface pH 

Ocean Acidification: Surface pH thumbnail Animation and data set showing time-lapse images of the globe.

Length: NA

Date: NA



Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange

Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange thumbnail Animation and data set showing time-lapse images of the globe.

Length: NA

Date: NA 🐙


   Infographics and Images



Oceans are Becoming More Acidic