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pdf Introduction powerpoint: Nearshore Ecological Data Atlas Science Workshop Popular

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Introduction powerpoint from the Nearshore Ecological Data Atlas Workshop: September 20-21, 2011

pdf Marine Hydrokinetic Study, US Dept. of Energy, December 2009 Popular

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This Report to Congress was prepared based on peer-reviewed literature, project documents, and both U.S. and international environmental assessments of these new technologies. The information was supplemented by contributions from technology developers and experts in state resource and regulatory agencies as well as non-governmental organizations.

pdf Mid-Depth Wave Energy Device Feasibility Metadata, OWET, 2012 Popular

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pdf MOU between FERC and MMS, April, 2009 Popular

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pdf MOU between FERC and State of Oregon, March, 2008 Popular

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pdf Non-consumptive Recreational Ocean Use Study, Surfrider, March 2011 Popular

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Project Report for the Surfrider study to Map the non-consumptive recreational ocean use in Oregon's Territorial Sea.

pdf Notice of Reedsport Order Popular

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This is a Notice of Proposed Final Order regarding the Reedsport OPT Wave Park, issued by the Oregon Water Resources Department

pdf Ocean Film(s) Viewing Announcement Popular

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Clatsop County is sponsoring a public showing of two films on fisheries and ocean management. This is an announcment for that event.

pdf Offshore Renewable Energy - Regulatory Primer Popular

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This regulatory primer is designed to serve as an introduction to the major federal laws and regulations governing renewable energy development offshore and coastal state authority under those laws. The primer also discusses local concerns about offshore renewable energy projects and marine spatial planning, a possible emerging solution, to provide a backdrop to controversy surrounding these types of projects.

pdf OPAC Draft Meeting Agenda, 12.4.2012 Popular

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Draft agenda for the Ocean Policy Advisory Council meeting on December 4th, 2012.

pdf Oregon Department of Energy Letter to US DOE, June 17, 2011 Popular

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This letter was sent to the Sec. Chu of the US Department of Energy in regards to support for marine hydrokinetic energy development off the Oregon coast, on behalf of the Oregon Department of Energy.

pdf Outer Continental Shelf Renewable Energy Space-Use Conflicts Study, BOEM Popular

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Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management funded study on the Identification of Outer Continental Shelf Renewable Energy Space-Use Conflicts and Analysis of Potential Mitigation Measures.

pdf PNAS article Feb. 2, 2012 Popular

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The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences article "Ecosystem service tradeoff analysis reveals the value of marine spatial planning for multiple ocean uses".

pdf Proposed Final Order on Cumulative Impacts Popular

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This is a proposed Final Order on the Potential that the Proposed Reedsport Wave park Hydroelectric Project may contribute to Cumulative Impacts with other Existing, Proposed or Approved Hydroelectric Projects in the Pacific Ocean.

pdf Public Announcement-Science Workshop for ODFW’s Ecological Atlas Popular

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Science Workshop for ODFW’s Ecological Atlas

A component of Oregon’s Territorial Sea Plan for Renewable Energy Siting. September 20-21, 2011. Comfort Suites (Salbasgeon Suites), Corvallis, Oregon

pdf Public Hearing on Adoption of Proposed Permanent Rule Amending TSP, LCDC, November, 2009 Popular

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LCDC_Staff _Report_TSP_Part_5_November_2009.pdf

pdf Request for Rulemaking Regarding Amending the TSP for Wave Energy Facilities, LCDC, October, 2009 Popular

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pdf Rhode Island - Massachusetts MOU July 26, 2011 Popular

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MOU signed by Rhode Island and Massachusetts outlining their agreement to coordinate planning for offshore wind in an identified "area of mutual interest".

pdf Rhode Island powerpoint: Nearshore Ecological Data Atlas Science Workshop Popular

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Rhode Island powerpoint by John King from the Nearshore Ecological Data Atlas Workshop: September 20-21, 2011

pdf Rules Governing the Placement of Ocean Energy Conversion Devices, DSL, November, 2009 Popular

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