OPAC is currently accepting applications for multiple positions on the council. All interest applicants should follow the links below to learn more and to submit an application.

Ocean Policy Advisory Council Member Recruitment

The Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) in partnership with the Office of the Governor, is seeking qualified applicants to serve on the Council in open positions listed below:

  • Elected City Official
  • Statewide Public-at-large
  • Ports, Marine Transportation or Navigation
  • Statewide Conservation/Environmental Organization Representative
  • South Coast Sport/Recreational Fishing
  • South Coast Government
  • South Coast Commercial Fisheries (reappointment possible)
  • North Coast Commercial Fisheries (reappointment possible)

Application Close Date - April 30, 2020 (the office of executive appointments will receive applications after the deadline, the applicants will be considered at a later time).