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pdf Background1 - STAC Scope of Work, 18 Jan 2012 Popular

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pdf Background2 - Goal 19 and TSP Data Mapping, DLCD, 19 Jan 2012 Popular

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Goal 19 Ocean Resources and the Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) data mapping methods and critreia

pdf Final STAC Review of Oregon MarineMap Data and Information June 20, 2012 Popular

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The Final STAC review of the data and information contained in Oregon MarineMap. This review analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the data, including methodology and documentation and makes recommendations for improvements.

archive Fisheries Grounds Maps and Report, Ecotrust, Nov 2010 Popular

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A .zip file containing the project report and all of the map products from the Fishing Grounds Mapping project conducted by Ecotrust.

pdf Fishing Grounds Mapping Project Report, Ecotrust, Nov 2010 Popular

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Project Report for the Ecotrust study to map the Fisheries Grounds off of Oregon. A companion document is available which contains all of the map products from this work.

pdf Fishing Grounds Maps 1- STAC Marine Reserves Economic Assessment, 2009 Popular

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Report by Hanna and Sampson on STAC's technical workshop on economic data and analysis of marine reserves, held October 21-22, 2008.

pdf Fishing Grounds Maps, Ecotrust, Scholz et al., 2011 Popular

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101115_Oregon_Final Report CIRCULATE.pdf

 Ecotrust development of the Fisheries Grounds Mapping effort in Oregon, in support of the Territorial Sea Plan amendment process for Marine Renewable Energy.  

pdf NEDA - Data Set Cross-Walk Table, 2 March 2012 Popular

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pdf STAC_Work_Group_Assignments_17Feb2012 Popular

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