Ocean Data and Resources

Many sources and types of data help to inform the management of Oregon's ocean and coastal areas. This section highlights several datasets and initiatives. Those interested in a more comprehensive search of available data can visit the following resources:

  • Oregon SeaSketch - The successor of the Oregon MarineMap tool, built to facilitate the marine spatial planning process needs within the Oregon Territorial Sea.  
  • West Coast Ocean Data Portal - A project of the West Coast Ocean Alliance (WCOA) to increase discovery and connectivity of ocean and coastal data and people to better inform regional resource management, policy development, and ocean planning. The Portal informs priority West Coast ocean issues such as tracking sources and patterns of marine debris, adaptation to sea-level rise, understanding impacts of ocean acidification on our coasts, and marine planning.
  • OROWindMap is a spatial data visualization tool that has been generated to support offshore wind energy planning on the Oregon outer continental shelf.  
  • Oregon Spatial Data Library - The Oregon Spatial Data Library is a joint effort between the Department of Administrative Services Geospatial Enterprise Office and Oregon State University that provides public access to reliable and up-to-date spatial data. These datasets serve as "base data" for a variety of Geographic Information System (GIS) applications that support research, business and public services.
  • Oregon Coastal Atlas - The Coastal Atlas provides background information for different coastal systems, access to interactive mapping, online geospatial analysis tools, and direct download of various planning and natural resource datasets.
  • Data.gov Ocean Datasets - The National Ocean Council provides this site to support regional marine planning efforts across the country and to create a convenient place for anyone to find out more about our marine, coastal, and Great Lakes environments.