OPAC recommendations are provided to the LCDC or directly to the Governor to be considered for adoption into formal rulemaking. This page contains an archive of recommendations and publications produced by OPAC and its Working Groups.



OPAC Letters

This letter supports the engagement of the State of Oregon with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in a planning process to look at the issue of offshore marine renewable energy development.  

This letter indicates OPAC support of the Oregon Marine Debris Action Plan. 

Letter supporting HB 2463, the establishment of a Submerged Land Enforcement Fund.

On May 7th, OPAC hosted a public forum on National Marine Sanctuaries. Following the NMS public form, OPAC held a regular meeting of the Council. A letter resulting from the Forum and OPAC meeting highlights a consensus agreement reached by the Council.

This letter from the Ocean Policy Advisory Council leadership addresses some of the main points that came out of the April 2012 meeting, and the recent work of the Territorial Sea Plan Working Group during this past year.

This letter from the OPAC provides consultation to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recommendations for marine reserve sites.


OPAC Recommendations 

Size and Spacing Workshop Final Report

pdf Final Workshop Report (3.79 MB)

At the request of the Marine Reserves Working Group (MRWG), the Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) of Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council held a workshop on marine reserve size and spacing to address the need for guidelines that can be used in the site proposal process. Thirty-one scientists and advisors, along with five support staff, met at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) in Charleston on April 10, and half the day on April 11. The workshop was open to the public, but public comment was not solicited due to time constraints. Meeting participants included marine biologists, oceanographers, fishermen with nearshore experience, and scientists who were directly involved with the development of marine reserve design recommendations in California. 

Technical Workshop on Economic Data and Analysis of Marine Reserves 

pdf Final Report (430 KB)

In 2008, the Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) of Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council held a two-day workshop to assess the status of economic data and analysis with regard to siting and management of marine reserves in Oregon waters, and to reach a series of findings and conclusions regarding the availability and adequacy of data.


Final Marine Reserves Policy Recommendations 

pdf Marine Reserves Policy Recommendations (169 KB)  (2008)

  pdf Additional Marine Reserves Recommendations (69 KB) (2010)