Learn more about the rules within Oregon Marine Reserves and the official boundaries of the five Marine Reserve sites.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)

Site boundary coordinates, prohibitions, and allowances are provided in administrative rules passed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (OAR 635-012), Department of State Lands (OAR 141-142), and Parks and Recreation Department (OAR 736-029).

Click here for the complete text of rules: Marine Reserve and Protected Area Rules (OARs) (114 KB PDF)


Rules Summaries: Maps and Coordinates

Click on a site for a map, summary of rules, and boundary coordinates.


Cascade Head   Otter Rock    Cape Perpetua    Redfish Rocks


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Download Boundaries

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GPS Devices

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Mapping Programs

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Navigation Systems

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Mobile Devices


This mobile app, developed by Great Outdoors Mobile Inc., covers all Marine Protected Areas of the United States and includes boundaries and regulations summaries for Oregon's marine reserves and Marine Protected Areas.

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