How Communities are Engaged


Otter Rock

The Depoe Bay Near Shore Action Team (NSAT), appointed by the Depoe Bay City Council, originally proposed the Otter Rock site in 2008. NSAT members advise ODFW staff on issues related to management and monitoring of the site. For meeting summaries visit:


Redfish Rocks

The Redfish Rocks Community Team represents the local community of Port Orford, Oregon. The Team develops recommendations and actively collaborates with ODFW on implementation of the Redfish Rocks site. The Team also serves as a liaison to the community on matters regarding the marine reserve. For meeting summaries visit:


Cape Perpetua, Cascade Head, and Cape Falcon

ODFW is looking for input from local communities to help with development of site management plans for Cascade Head and Cape Perpetua. The site management plans will outline the best ways for ODFW to:

  • Share scientific monitoring activities being done and what we're learning
  • Provide general information about Oregon’s marine reserves
  • Improve compliance
  • Provide opportunities for people to get involved

The site management plans will also outline the community’s interests and priorities for activities above and beyond those being carried out by ODFW. By highlighting the community's interests and priorities in the site management plans we hope to attract additional research and resources, and to foster community led projects.

We need community input in each of these areas to make the plans successful. One of the ways ODFW will be gathering input is through a series of workshops this year. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops.

Summaries, of the ideas and questions expressed by workshop participants, at workshops held to date, are provided below: